A330/A340/B777 First Officers

A330/A340/B777 First Officers Istanbul-Turkey

Permanent Contract


For Type Rated First Officers:
1500 hours on aircraft over 27 Tonnes
1000 hours on type
ICAO level4
Age Limit 53

For Non Type Rated First Officers:
1500 hours on A310/A300/A340/B767/B777/B747/B787/MD11
Current on one of the aircraft above ICAO level4
Age Limit 53

Benefits (For both Type Rated and Non Typed First Officers)
Monthly net salary of 17, abortion 408 TL (eqv 6,200 USD) University graduates receives extra 1409 TL (500 USD) USD per month
With additional benefits the monthly expected salary is between $7000-7500 USD net

Roster: 3 weeks on 1 week off with confirmed tickets within airline network (THY)

Overtime 178TL(63 USD) per hour over 70 hours per month Ground transportation to/from work, uniform, health insurance paid
ID tickets for family

Per diems applicable between 10 USD-100 USD depending on the destination
2000 TL (700 USD) per month applicable for accommodation expense
Loss of License paid by the operator 100%. Covers 100,000 USD
Annual Leave 20 working days per year after 1st year of employment
Annual Leave 26 working days per year after 5 years of employment
Non paid leave applicable up to 90 days per year upon request
Birth, marriage, emergency leave applicable

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