AvIatIon RecruItment

Kilroy Aviation has established a trustworthy reputation in providing flight crew personnel to airlines and operators all around the world. ??We adopt us rapidly into the fast changing environment of aviation and provide immediate responses. At Kilroy Aviation we maintain a large variety of solutions to enable our clients to deal with unscheduled work and/or market demands, manage labor costs and provide highly skilled and experienced flight personnel.

We work with precision to find the best match for our pilots’ skills and career goals. Our company guarantees the security and support of a truly global personal solution and aviation training organization.

We manage a large database of flight crew personnel and a rich network of aviation engineers and executives. Kilroy Aviation will grant you the opportunities to professionally regulate your operations.

We work with Captains, First Officers, Synthetic Flight Instructors (SFIs), Type Rating Instructors (TRIs), Type Rating Examiners (TREs), B1 & B2 Licensed Engineers, Airframe Mechanics, Avionics Technicians, Engine Mechanics, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Flight Operations, Chief Engineer, Chief Pilot, Line Maintenance Managers/ Supervisors, Directors and all types of Post-holder Positions on all types of aircraft.

Please see our current listing for job openings and our references.

FlexIbIlIty and Cost Management

Our team of experts will provide you with the right people granting you the possibility to respond to market opportunities quickly. We will provide you with assistance with dealing with both scheduled and unscheduled requirements such as the expansion or maintenance of an existing fleet, new aircraft types or seasonal adjustments. Our company will help you to easily manage the costs of the personnel, and provide you with access to highly skilled professionals in no time.

ExpertIse DelIvered

We are able to provide the full support of the following personnel all around the world within the shortest period of time. We also include a global payroll network that can help you arrange your packages to gain access to maximum efficiency.

You can find only some of our references below to present an idea of the variety of services you can find within Kilroy Aviation.
THY (Turkish Airlines)-A320/A330/A340/B777 Flight crew recruitment
Onurair- A320/A330 Flight crew recruitment
Pegasus Airlines- B737/A320 Flight crew recruitment
Georgian Ministry of Defence- Super Puma Flight crew and Engineer recruitment
Air Ariana of Afghanistan- B737 Flight crew recruitment
Saga Airlines of Turkey- B737 and A310 Flight crew recruitment, Demo Flights
Sky Airlines B737 Flight crew recruitment
Air Batumi – B737 Flight crew recruitment
Niger Air force B737 Flight Simulator Training
Nigeria Air Force B737 Demo and Ferry Flights
Zagrosjet A320 Flight crew recruitment and Flight Simulator Training
Somonair B737 Flight Simulator Training
Regentair B737 Flight Simulator Training
MNGjet A300 Ferry
THK (Turk Hava Kurumu) EC135 Flight Crew Training and Air Ambulance operation provision on 17 bases
Turkmenistan Government AS332 Demo Flights